About Qua Art – Qua Science

The Qua Art–Qua Science foundation is active on the fascinating interface between art and science. In exhibitions and lectures centring round a linking theme it becomes apparent that artist and scientist have much in common. Both are engaged in the exploration of boundaries or studying the possibilities and impossibilities of matter.
Two ostensibly quite different disciplines: art and science – each in their own field constantly working on the creation and visualization of realities, making abstractions intelligible, accessible, and tangible.
In this respect there are many similarities, if only because both disciplines are often confronted with the question: ‘what’s the use’ or ‘what purpose does it serve’?
Once the many similarities have been established, the question arises in what way these two disciplines could exchange information and ideas. There is no doubt a mutual intellectual interest and both sides will take advantage one another’s knowledge and skills, but does this happen often and effectively enough? The working party of Qua Art-Qua Science tries to address all these issues and make them manifest in exhibitions, lectures, and so on.
In order to realize this, the working party is looking for exhibitors who show their own view of the world and who are prepared to match this with a scientist; the scientist, in turn, is prepared to acquaint us with his search in the field of science within a certain theme. During these meetings the public is explicitly invited to enter into a dialogue with the artist and the scientist. This will often result in surprising views on generally unknown territory. Each meeting is recorded in a beautiful edition as a tangible memory.
Qua Art-Qua Science challenges you to be witness to the adventures in this fascinating field. You can do this by visiting our exhibitions and/or lectures which are usually held in the Faculty Club of Twente University.
Admission is free of charge. The activities of the foundation are made possible by sponsors and members, who receive the invitations to all the meetings by post; they also receive the booklets free of charge.
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